Watch Out for EBT Skim/Scam Theft

Card Skimming

What is a Card Skimmer?

A card skimmer is a device made to be placed on Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) or other payment machines to steal EBT card information and benefits.

What should I do?

Before using an ATM or payment machine, inspect it to check for skimmer equipment such as a pinhole camera or fake card reader.

How do I look for skimmer equipment?

Skimmers are often placed on top of the real card reader. To check for skimmer equipment, carefully look at the card reader and the equipment surrounding it. Look to see if the card reader is sticking out at an odd angle. Gently feel around the machine to check if anything feels like it is coming apart. Check if the buttons on the keypad are off-center or harder to push than usual. If using an ATM or gas pump, compare other surrounding machines to the one you’re using.

Check your device twice. Protect your EBT card by inspecting it for signs of skimming equipment.

Protect from Skim/Scam Theft

Use the new ebtEDGE Mobile Application

The ebtEDGE Mobile Application was launched on November 10, 2023, and is a tool meant to provide increased security to users and their EBT cards, featuring user capability to freeze and unfreeze an EBT card.

Don’t share personal information

Remember that no county or state worker will ever ask for your information via email or text. If you receive communication that asks for this information, do not respond and block the number or address.

Update your pins and passwords

Make sure to change your pin and passwords regularly by calling (877) 328-9677.

Report suspicious activity

If you encounter any communication that seems fake, make sure to contact our Tehama office or the California Department of Social Services to report it.