Become a Family Resource


Resource Family Approval (RFA) Unit – formerly known as foster care

RFA is a process a family must complete to care for foster youth. The RFA term RFA home is replacing the term Foster Home, Relative Placement and Non Related Extended Family Member. All homes that house and care for foster youth are now referred to as RFA.

To find out more about caring for foster youth please contact the Tehama County RFA Social Worker at 530-527-1911. For more information about becoming a Resource Family click the link to the California Department of Social Services website.


Initial Response

Tehama County Child Protective Services receives reports of abuse & neglect, and is the agency responsible to assess and respond to investigate circumstances of abuse and/or neglect that meet the criteria for an in-person response. Many reports are received from Mandated Reporters who are required to report abuse and neglect on the SS 8572.


Initial Response (IR) Social Workers investigate reports of child maltreatment. While the safety and protection of the children is the primary goal; maintaining the family unit with supportive services is emphasized when possible. Initial Response Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Initial Response Units also provide short-term intensive services to stabilize the family so that children can be safe and receive appropriate care. Child Protective Service initial response workers responds with emphasis on crisis intervention and avoiding further intervention, such as Juvenile Court action.