In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

What is IHSS?
The IHSS program is for eligible Medi-Cal elderly and disabled individuals who need assistance with activities so they can remain safely in their home.
IHSS Recipient
A recipient is the person who is eligible for IHSS services and is responsible for hiring, supervising and scheduling their caregivers, who are called providers.  If you are interested in applying for IHSS, please complete the IHSS Referral form and click “submit.”  You will also need to print the IHSS Health Care Certification Form, sign Section B and take it to your Licensed Health Care Provider to complete. 
IHSS Provider
A provider is the person who is providing care to the IHSS recipient.  Providers can be family members or friends; or, the provider can be found through IHSS Public Authority.  If you are interested in becoming a provider, contact Tehama County Public Authority at 530-527-2466.
Electronic Timesheets (ETS)
Providers and Recipients can enroll online at the Electronic Services Portal (ESP).  Benefits include easier review of timesheets online, faster payment and reduced errors.
To learn more and enroll, please visit: IHSS Electronic Timesheets Information.
Report Suspected Fraud
If you suspect fraud or misuse of the IHSS program, call your local IHSS office at 530-527-1911 or the statewide IHSS Fraud Hotline at 800-822-6222
For more information, click the link to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) IHSS website.
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