Cash Aid Assistance

What is Cash Aid Assistance?

Cash Aid Assistance is California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids program.

The purpose of Cash Aid Assistance is to provide financially for children that lack financial support and care, and to promote and encourage work to enable families in becoming self-sufficient.

Eligibility Factors

Basic eligibility factors for a child(ren) and a needy parent(s) or caretaker relative include:

  • Deprivation - The aided child must be deprived of parental support or care because at least one parent is: deceased; or either physically or mentally incapacitated; or the applicant parent is not working or is working less than 100 hours per month; or continually absent from the home.
  • Age - Children may be eligible for Cash Aid Assistance until their 18th birthday, or 18 years old and in high school or vocational school full-time and expected to complete their program before their 19th birthday.
  • Property - The total property of a child(ren) and the parent(s) must be under the following limits: Families without elderly members (60 years of age or older) may have $2,000 combined personal and real property per family. Families with elderly members may have $3,000 combined personal and real property per family.
    The family home is exempt from the property limits, provided the family lives in the home. One automobile valued up to $4,650 is exempt. Furniture, clothing and appliances are also exempt.
  • Residence - There are no durational residency requirements for the Cash Aid Assistance program. Families who reside in California and who intend to remain in California may be eligible. Eligible family members must be legal residents of the United States.

Cash Aid Assistance Time Limits

Cash Aid Assistance has a 48-month/4-year cumulative time limit for receipt of cash aid and requires adults in the family to meet certain work participation requirements. Review Welfare to Work.

School Attendance

Cash Aid Assistance regulations require that all school-age children attend school regularly. It is the responsibility of the parent. If a child under age 16 does not attend school, the parent may be sanctioned and removed from the cash grant. If a child 16-18 does not attend school, then that child is removed from the cash grant.

Immunization Requirement

Families receiving Cash Aid Assistance cash aid are required to obtain immunizations for all pre-school children (birth through 6 years of age). Parents must provide written proof of their child's immunization records. A parent who does not give the county this proof may be sanctioned, and his/her needs may be removed from the cash grant.

Welfare-to-Work Teen Parents 

Welfare-to-Work Teen Parents is a program designed to encourage and assist pregnant and parenting teens to remain in and graduate from high school. All participants must be on Cash Aid Assistance (TANF). The program provides counseling and support services, including childcare, to pregnant/parenting teens who are under the age of 19, or under age 20 and already in the Welfare-to-Work Teen Parent program prior to age 19.

The Diversion Program

The Diversion Program is designed to help families avoid aid and long-term dependency. If the family is found to be eligible for cash assistance, they may choose Diversion instead of Cash Aid Assistance. To receive Diversion, there must be a sound plan for immediate self-support.